Data Management

The importance of data management

In order to deliver your data strategy it is important to establish a good data foundation. By leveraging our Modern Data platform, we will incrementally deliver data management services to ensure you have good quality, conformed data to provide the bedrock for your analytics capabilities.

Data Management Services

Our data management services will allow you to understand, govern and improve the quality of your data. We offer a wide range of services to include the management of your data including:

Data cataloguing

We will automatically catalogue your data assets and establish a business data model to provide a consistent semantic view across your data assets. This will give you full auditability of your data architecture and allows you to detect ungoverned changes

Data Quality improvement

The first step to improvement is to understand where the problems lie. We will establish a data quality assessment framework to monitor the health of your data. We will then work with you to establish the root cause of issues and develop a data improvement plan

Master Data Management

Managing your master data is key to ensuring a consistent view of your data across your organisation. Our Modern Data platform enables you to establish and maintain a single view of your customers

Data Governance Framework

In order to achieve success it is important that a Data Governance framework is put in place to support the above services. Our data governance framework allows you to:

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