Our approach

Achieve business-technology alignment by adopting the following approach:

1. Customer data strategy

Ensure business alignment by establishing a customer data strategy that supports your business objectives and enables data-driven decision making.

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2. Data architecture

We can help you understand what data architecture best supports your data strategy and recommend a roadmap to get there.

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3. Data platform modernisation

An agile, scalable data platform will allow your business to focus on creating customer experiences with improved operational efficiencies.

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Typical project timeline

Although every data platform modernisation project is different below are the typical activities we would undertake for a 6 month project:

Data strategy

We take time to understand the business motivation that will inform your data strategy and work with you to agree a strategy to achieve your target state.

More info Typically 2-4 weeks

Architecture discovery & roadmap

We will map your current state data architecture and provide a recommended target architecture that supports your data strategy. At this point we will prioritise activity and work with you to develop an implementation roadmap.

More info Typically 2-4 weeks

Agile platform development

Now we have a target state in mind that aligns to your business objectives we will develop your modern data platform using agile data warehouse design.

More info Typically 2-4 months
In 2 week sprints

Operational release

We will provide operational support to put the modern data platform live, including data migration, code deployment, support for user testing and the creation of an operational run book.

Typically 2-4 weeks

Lucmor Modern Data Platform

A modern data platform enables a 360° view of your customer data by embedding data services into your architecture to deliver complete, clean and consistent data, scaling to billions of records.

Ingest and catalogue your data

Pre-built connectors rapidly ingest and catalogue your data sets from multiple sources

Establish a Single Customer View

Identify duplicate customers and maintain a Single Customer View

Monitor and improve data quality

Our data quality framework identifies data quality issues and automatically cleanses

DM Platform

Campaign ROI and customer value

Marketing attribution and Customer Lifetime Value models and enables robust performance reporting

Understand and predict behaviour

Analyse the customer event stream to establish analytical models that predict behaviour

Customer activation

Push customer engagement models back to campaign automation systems

Find out how we could implement a modern data platform for you

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Data platform technologies

Below is a list of technologies we work with when building modern data platforms:


Cloud data

Extract and

Data modelling
and transformation


Below are some of the problems we can help with:

End users have lost trust in the reporting

Due to data quality issues and inconsistent calculations your stakeholders have lost trust in the analysis. We can restore their faith by establishing a data platform that provides greater transparency to the end user

Siloed systems and duplicate customer data

Data is siloed and due to duplicates in the data it is difficult to get a complete view of your customer. We can cleanse, consolidate and de-duplicate your master data giving you a 360 degree view of your customers

Difficult to make data driven decisions

You find it difficult to be responsive to changes in customer behaviour. We can help you be more adaptive by deploying data services that respond to and predict customer behaviour

Cloud warehouse data migrations

You have a complex data migration, requiring the merging of poor quality, disparate data sets. Our data migration solution leverages our data management services to handle these complex tasks

Understanding marketing ROI

By centralising all event data into a standard data structure and mastering customer data appropriately we can apply various attribution models to provide a more realistic marketing ROI.

Achieving GDPR compliance is difficult

You're finding it difficult to support GDPR requests due to a lack of understanding of where a customer's data exists. We can reduce your compliance risks with data catalogues and a Single Customer View solution

About Us

We're data management specialists. We help organisations make smarter, data-driven decisions by giving them greater insight into their data. We help clients maximise the value of information by providing a data platform that advances their analytics capabilities

What sets us apart?

We are business focused

We not only have the technical knowledge to deliver solutions, but also the business acumen to ensure organisations realise the full value of their information.

A solid data foundation

We can leverage our core data services to rapidly enable you to establish a modern data platform to enhance your analytic capabilities.

We are agile

We use an agile methodology that focuses on providing value at the earliest opportunity and iteratively deploying services as the need arises.

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